Feeling Sharp Pain 3 Days Post-Op- What's Going On?

Hi there can somebody please help me im so worried. I am 3 days post op from having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo to flanks..the pain isnt that bad but on the left hand side of my tummy about 3 inchs to the left of my belly button i have a really sharp pain it almost feels like i have been stabbed everytime i move..can somebody explain what this may be?.also my ps said to stay hunched over for 10 days but im scared that my incision will come apart when i do :( help please xx

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Sharp Pain 3 days after Tummy Tuck

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What you describe may be due to the procedure and sutures used during a tummy tuck or it could be due to more serious problems. It is best to get examined by your plastic surgeon since this is not a case where an online discussion is useful.

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Pain after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for the question.

Although  the tummy tuck procedure can be associated with the type of pain you are describing,  it would be in your best interests to communicate your questions/concerns with your surgeon who knows exactly what was done  and who can potentially examine you in person.

Unfortunately,  any advice you receive from online consultants ( who  have not treated you and cannot examine you)  cannot be viewed as reliable.

Best wishes.

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