Can someone please help me? (photo)

My incision opened up 31/2 weeks after my breast reduction. I've kep it clean and covered and in a matter of 3 days it has gotten bigger. I've sought out advice from nurses and other plastic surgeons that told me I may need skin graph, because my ps is not really giving me any info on wat to do. She said it doesn't look infected but she still gave me an antibiotic (amoxicillin with potassium) and a cream (silver sulfiadizine) not sure if I spelled that right. Will this help? I need answers!!

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Breast reduction, open wound

Unfortunately, with the weight of the breast, it is common for wounds to enlarge after an initial exposure, in part because the absorbable sutures only retain their holding power for about 3 weeks. However, the best result aesthetically is to treat the wound with topical antibiotic cream, and silver sulfadiazine is a very good one. Antibiotics by mouth will not add anything, if the wound is clean, which yours appears to be. However, very thorough cleaning twice a day to remove any remaining film of bacteria is important. I would consult your surgeon. A wound vacuum assisted closure device (VAC) can be very helpful if wound healing is very slow. Although it looks frightening, with time you will get healing, and with a scar revision in the future you can still get an excellent result.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Open wound

I'm sorry to see your wound has opened up. It looks like the wound has enlarged, but it should stabilize. So long as it is clean and well cared for, as your wound seems to be, it will eventually heal. But it will take a long time (months).

A skin graft may be needed to speed up the process, or it may require a combination of partial wound closure and a skin graft. A wound vacuum system may also speed up the process without the need for any procedures. If your surgeon is a Board Certified plastic surgeon, I would expect she is well versed in wound care and as difficult as it it is to deal with, patience with a wound issue of this size is needed. Best of luck.

Victor Au, MD (retired)
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Wound dehiscence

Your wound has opened and is now granulating - a skin graft would help get it closed but ultimately you would benefit from a formal closure. I would see a wound care specialist in your area for a second opinion. Obviously this is not a pleasant situation but can be successfully treated.

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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Reduction wounds and skin loss

I'm sorry to hear of your plight. But your surgeon has given you sound advice on wound management. If you want this healed faster (and are accepting of another donor scar) you could have skin grafting done (but no guarantees). If you are still much larger then you desire, you could consider a revision where the area is excised and your tissues closed again but you can only hope that there will be no healing problems this time around. It will heal and once healed, then you have the time to make a decision as how best to deal with the resultant scars.

Curtis Wong, MD
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