Having Issues With My Nose/Head/Eyes. What Could Be the Problem?

I broke my nose twice long time ago and I have a bone sticking out; sometimes i have problems breathing especially when im asleep. Two months ago I started having constant headaches on daily basis more than two - four times a day. I'm feeling like i'm going to lose my eye sight because the pain is in front of my head and around my eyes. Sometimes I feel like i'm going to be blind, because of how horrible my vision changes from a minute to the other. My Optometrist said my eyes are fine. Thanks

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I would go in for a full Neurological Exam

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I would suggest going to see a Neurologist and have a complete exam. You are probably  dealing with two separate issues here. The possible deviated septum may be completely unrelated to the headaches and eye problems. An MRI or Cat Scan probably needs to be ordered to make a proper diagnosis and a full Neurological exam. I would make this appointment asap with the symptoms you are stating. Best regards!

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