Very Weird Feeling After (Septoplasty)?

hello doctors please i need help i need to know whats wrong with me everytime i tell my parents about this weird feeling they tell me that am delusional,,,before a month i had a revision surgery for my deviated septum since then i have been getting a weird feeling when i move my eyes to the right ( note : my septum was deviated to left ) what is the cause of that feeling why am i getting it , & how can i make it go, what should i do please help its so scaring !

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Post Septoplasty Recovery

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I would suggest seeing your surgeon for a full evaluation and discuss in more detail the feeling you are having and hopefully he/she can give you some answers. I am sure you are having some foreign sensation and I would not worry about being delusional hopefully you can get answers instead!! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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