Please Help Vertical Extended Tummy Tuck Intense Pain in 1 Spot Only, 5 Days Post Surgery?

Hi doctors, I got an intense pain in my lower right abdominal, a little above the pubic area to the right, my incisions are a long line from the very left to the very right+a vertical line, how come only the right lower spot from that long line is hurting me? it kills me when I get up & sit, I had Olfen as a pain killer, today I got zaldiar, I know extreme pain is to be expected but I'm worried coz only one part of my abdominal is hurting, it happened right after my right drain is removed.

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Probably normal for 5 days post op

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A tummy tuck is a significant procedure with lots of internal suture tightening.  I often have patients that have spciefic area of dicomfort even with using a pain pump. Try to give it more time and dont overdo it,

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If you have pinpoint pain it may be a nerve

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It is hard to know what is causing your pain without evaluating you, however, pinpoint pain near your groin where the thigh and abdomen meet may be caused by a small sensory nerve that live in this area.  It can be pulled on by a suture that is used to close the tummy tuck incision.  If you can use a finger tip and pinpoint the pain and it is in the area that we discussed then it is likely caused a nerve.  Long acting pain block such as marcaine will take care of it.  While the area is numb you can massage it aggressively as this will help release some of the tension.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Should not have localized pain after tummy tuck.

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The real question is where is your plastic surgeon.  You need to call him or her right away and you need to be examined.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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