1 Week Post-Op BBL and Not Much Swelling, Should I be Worried?

I don't even notice much swelling. Should I be worried? I am one week post opt of a bbl. I was so excited for the procedure that I must have places my expectations too high, because from the first day I couldn't see any immediate results. The Dr. Said that they used the purest fat and injected 650cc each side, but I'm so disappointed that I'm depressed about it......

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1 Week Post-Op BBL and Not Much Swelling, Should I be Worried?

Thank you for your question .

At so soon after a Brazilian butt lift, you are undoubtedly swollen. It will take 3 to 6 weeks for the swelling to fully subside and for you to see your final shape. Check with your surgeon, but wearing a good compression garment and beginning some gentle massage should help speed the process.

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Brazilian Butt Lift with 650cc's of "Pure" Fat......

At 1 week post op from the Brazilian Butt Lift, it's too early to know what your final appearance will be.  If 650cc's  was injected, that is a reasonable amount of fat, especially if it was "pure" fat.    You should see a reasonable increase in your buttocks size.  The amount of increase will actually be dependant on your body/buttocks size.  If you are tiny (100-120lbs) 650 will be a huge increase in the proportionate size of your buttocks.  If you are 200+ lbs, it may be a "drop in the bucket" as they say.  And, anywhere in between, will be a noticeable and reasonable increase in size.  No matter which size category you fall into, you are definitely swollen and your buttocks will shrink as will the areas of liposuction over the next few weeks and even for the first few months.  I find that most patients reach pretty much their final size (95% of their swelling gone) by about 3 months.   Hang in there.  As your swelling goes down, you may start to see more definition.

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