Please Help - Restylane Under the Eyes: Why Do I Look Worse 5 Days Later Than Immediately After the Injections? (photo)

I had Restylane under my hollows 8 days ago and saw an immediate and positive benefit - wow - and no bruising. Now, 8 days later I look WORSE! I have double rings under my eyes AND you can see a bumpy line of the filler in my upper cheek lower eyehollow area. My ps's office says it is normal to look great the first few days, then worse. They said it takes up to 2 weeks to see the full beneft (which I saw on the first day, why did it change?). Is this true? I have a big date in 5 days, help!

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Restylane under the eyes

The final result of your treatment will be visible after about 2 weeks, as the swelling will improve. I would recommend following up with your provider regarding any concerns, as they know the details of your treatment. I hope this helps, and best of luck to you. 

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Restylane under the eyes

Dear Elie2013,

  1. Yes, you will see a big difference at the 2 week mark, just be a little patient
  2. It should look relatively close to what you looked like at one day out

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Nima Shemirani

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Please Help - Restylane Under the Eyes: Why Do I Look Worse 5 Days Later Than Immediately After the Injections?

Maybe a filler was not the answer. It appears as if you have excess skin. Only blepharoplasty will remove this skin..

Restylane under eyes

Probably you are still experiencing some swelling from your fillers. I will give it one week if the swelling has not decreased consider having your Doctor inject the are with Widaseand or Kenalog.

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Restylane and post-treatment swelling

Waiting the first 2 weeks or so to let swelling subside is always indicated. Several factors can come into play when evaluating how the filler is settling in. Hydration status, whether or not there has been any pressure to the area, and so on. I would follow up with your provider for massage and to help manage the areas of concern. Often, it's easily treated with some gentle pressure and molding.

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Restylane Under the Eyes: Why Do I Look Worse 5 Days Later Than Immediately After the Injections?

Swelling is very common after having a filler injected, it usually takes a full 2 weeks for the product to settle to see your final result. Contact your medical provider if more then two weeks past and swelling hasnt decreased

Rest Easy, Give It Time for any Swelling Post Lower Eyelid Restylane Injection

The fact that your lower eyelids looked very good right after the restylane injection is a very positive sign.  Swelling and edema can cloud good results for up to 2 weeks post injection.  Allow this time and then if you still have concerns follow up with your doctor.

Mark Berkowitz, MD
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