The Tips of Ears Stick Out Again After Surgery, They're also Uneven, What Should I do?

i had an otoplasty in about a year ago I was so happy with the results at the first time but later, my otoplasty went wrong first my right ear looks like they not matching the lift ear second my both ear tips (the top of my ear ) is stick out, my doctor pinned my ear tips back but with the time they stick out again like crazy he told me the will go back to a normal position but they went far then the normal , when i look in my back head in the mirror i can notice he did not cut them equally

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Unhappy result after ear surgery.

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I am sorry that your ears are uneven and stick out after your ear surgery.  I assume that your have returned to your original surgeon, who should be willing to correct the ears if there is a noticeable problem with the result of his surgery.  Unfortunately, you will have to have another surgery to correct the problem.  If you have lost confidence in your original surgeon, you will need to find another surgeon.

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