My New Nose Looks Horrible Its my 21st Day, I Got an Alar Trim and Tip Plasty? (photo)

I was so sad and depressed when i see the result all i wanted is just enhancement but i think my alar trim was too different from my old nose... Can i return my nose to my old nose? please help i'm very depressed and i dont want to see my self in the mirror anymore. Im crying everyday and i can see that i look like a monkey when smiling :(

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Post Rhinoplasty recovery

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Dear YeYe,

At twenty one days post surgery you still have swelling that has not dissipated from the tip. While I am not sure exactly what was done during your procedure you state you had "tip plasty". If you had some tip work done then hopefully when the swelling reduces you will see more definition in the tip. A profile photograph and a photo looking up the nose would be helpful in regards to the alar reduction. From the photographs reviewed I would suggest allowing some more time for recovery before you get "depressed". No more crying and try and see your surgeon and discuss your concerns so you may smile again...and don't worry about the "monkey smile" that will go away shortly it is just temporary swelling. :) :) so smile and best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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