My eyes are of totally different shapes! Please advise (photo)

I want to know if its just plain assymetry or others...):

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Eyelid asymmetry

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You are correct. You have a mild asymmetry in the horizontal fissure [the distance between the outside corner of your eyelids and the inside corner of your eyelids]. Your right horizontal fissure is slightly longer which makes your right eye slightly more almond and less round.
This is probably due to an underlying bony asymmetry of your eye sockets.
Asymmetries are extremely common and are very normal. This asymmetry will likely be very difficult to correct naturally, but consider an Oculoplastics consult if this is really bothering you.

Good luck.

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Asymmetric eyelids

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it's a little difficult to tell from her photographs but it appears that one eyelidmay be a bit retracted or higher than the other.  Also I suspect that one eye is slightly further back or deeper in the orbit or eye socket.  This difference in anatomy of your cranial facial structure around her eyes may account for this.  If she really wanted no than it would be best to see a good board certified facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon.  With no history and this photograph the information I can provide this pretty limited.  I'll attach a video that shows patients with asymmetry but I don't believe that you have ptosis.

Best of luck
Chase Lay, MD
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