Can You Please Help Me Figure out What is Going on with my Face Following Injury? (photo)

I had an injury to left cheekbone three years ago that I left untreated. I have always had some facial asymmetry but since the injury I feel it has become more pronounced. My dermatologist examined my face and noted no major discrepancies however I still feel something is amiss. I am seeing an ENT soon for ongoing sinus issues and I suspect my septum is deviated. Can you tell me what has happened, if anything and what can be done to help? I feel quite self-conscious about it. I'm in my late 20's.

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Facial Injury

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The first step would be to determine what previous injuries you sustained and how the injuries have healed in the interim with radiographic imaging.  Depending on the current status of the injuries, a plan can be formulated.  This may or may not include the sinuses, septum, maxilla (cheekbone), and surrounding structures.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who is trained in both head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery to help determine how best to achieve the results you seek.

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Asymmetrical cheekbones

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  It is important to ascertain whether  your cheekbone (maxilla) was fractured. Cosmetic improvement to a flat cheek can be repaired with a unilateral cheek implant. a CAT scan of the sinuses and cheek area will determine if there is a previous fracture of the maxilla and make the diagnosis of any sinus related issues and a deviated septum. Look for a board certified ENT and facial plastic surgeon who is well-versed in these type of issues.

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You may sustained a fracture or simply had traumatic loss of the cheek fat.

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Hard to know without an examination.  However, fillers would be enormously helpful to addressing your concerns.  Do your homework when it comes to finding the right injector.  I would not recommend the local medspa.  You need to find someone who understands how the cheek is put together and has an artful eye.  I personally like Perlane and Restylane for this purpose.

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