Does everything look ok? I'm very concerned and don't know what to expect. (photo)

Im a 28 yo, 5'6 height 135 weight, mother of two children, had a periareolar mastopexy with silicone implants done on Dec 6 , 400 cc in left, 425cc in right. I know it is still soon but im concerned because my right nipple looks very swollen,( it has gotten better) and the skin around my nipples looks very wrinkley.

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Things look ok based on your photos.  You need to be examined in person to know for sure.  See your PS.


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Does everything look ok? Donut lift done 12/6/13.

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Congratulations on your procedure!  From the photos, so far so good.  It's really too soon to worry about symmetry or final shape because they will continue to change over the next 3-6  months.  The wrinkling around your areolas is temporary and will usually go away.  Continue with your follow up visits with your surgeon so your progress can be tracked and try to be patient.  ac

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Does everything look ok? I'm very concerned and don't know what to expect. (photo)

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Extremely early in healing phase. Allow 3 months of healing than conducer the result you have. If needed a revision at that time is OK.//

Skin and nipple appearance after a donut mastopexy

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In performing a donut breast lift excess skin is cinched in to the area around the areola.  This can cause crinkling of the skin which is typically temporary.  Areolae can also look a little "different" for a while but these things usually settle down over a few weeks to a few months.  Follow along with your surgeon as things progress but don't expect changes overnight.

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I agree, one is more swollen. Which is typical, both sides never heal the same. If you are having ongoing swelling and or pain and or change in sensation you should see your surgeon. The wrinkling tends to settle with time

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