Please Help. I DID NOT Want Lateral OR Medial Osteotomies Performed and Said No Bone Work, but It Was Done Anyway?

Now nose too narrow&high up between my eyes.How can I get my nose close to what it was before.I didn't want ANY bone work&said that in the consultation.I liked my wider flatter ethnic looking nose,i wanted ONLY the tiny bump from minor injuryrasped,he said that would be easy.I don't like the narrow width of the bridge between my eyes now,&also higher off my face.I liked the ethnic thing with my nose.I've had non surgical injection before&been satisfied,but expensive to go every 6 mos.Please help.

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Widening nose after rhinoplasty

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There are options to widen the nose again, however revision rhinoplasty to say the least is a complicated issue. Really requires an in person consult to discuss best options. possibilities range from adding cartilage grafts such as spreader grafts that will help with your breathing as well ? possibly even covered by insurance? redoing the osteotomies to push the bones back out and fillers or fat grafts. Please obtain your operative report from you original surgeon, as there is technical information about what wwas done that any surgeon would need to know in order to revise it .

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Nose width

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For the best advice please post some photos. Nasal width can be changed but requires a surgery to reposition the nasal bones. How long ago was your rhinoplasty? Sometimes an osteotomy is necessary to close the top of the nasal bones if removing the hump left you at risk for a deformity if the open roof was not closed. Perhaps this was the case in your operation?

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