Please Help Diastesis Recti?

I live in Houston and I'm currently unemployed with no health insurance. I have the worst diastesis recti gap and this makes my life miserable. I have been unable to wear the clothes I used wear because I still look very much pregnant. My daughter is 6 years old now and I still look like I'm 6 months pregnant! After researching for years it's becoming so hard to get done! Please if anybody knows how I can get done in a way I can afford it please let me know!! Someone please advise!

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Rectus diastasis and tummy tuck #tummytuck

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There are many offices such as ours that will quote you for the procedure and allow you to pay it off slowly over time. Once you are paid in full you may then have your surgery. I would look for an office of a surgeon you trust and see if they would allow you to do this. It is a win win for everyone. You get your surgery, and at the same time it will be paid in full prior to your having the surgery so the surgeon does not have to worry about collecting their fees.

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Rectus diastasis and tummy tucks

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Women frequently have a separation of their stomach muscles from child bearing or weight fluctuations.  I love to repair the diastasis because it is instant flat tummy!  (It is very gratifying for surgeon and for the patient.)  Then you can remove all that excess skin by completing the tummy tuck. Insurance won't pay for a tummy tuck and it is unlikely for the rectus diastasis repair.  But the results can be worth the cost.  Imagine not tucking your tummy into your pants any more!

Repair for diastasis recti

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Hi - I have had patients similar to what you describe be very happy with a diastasis repair. Even if you have insurance, it is the rare case that actually gets covered for functional reasons, so if you are seriously thinking about having this repaired, I would seek the opinion of more than 1 plastic surgeon to see what the pricing would be for just a diastasis repair vs a full tummy tuck. 

Tracy Kayan, MD
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