Please Help 6 Days Post Op Breast Augmentantion Want Them out my Ps Wont Respond to Me Any Ps in Nj or Ny Area Please Help?

I'm 6 days post ops in severe pain and skin changing color.I actually went to the er last night due to the pain begging them to remove them. traveled to California for my surgery I'm back home in nj and in just severe pain especially the left breast its very hard and leaking my PS out in California has fell off the face of the earth.I been running fevers and im constantly vomiting and feeling faint.please any surgeons in NJ or NY that can truly find it in there heart to help me please!!I want them out

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Go To the ER

Sounds like you may have a hematoma or a collection of blood in the breast pocket around the implant. These can be very painful and usually need to be surgically drained in an operating room. 

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Please Help 6 Days Post Op Breast Augmentantion Want Them out my Ps Wont Respond to Me Any Ps in Nj or Ny Area Please Help?

      Hopefully you have found help in your area for your concerns at this point.  I operate on patients from other areas of the country or overseas, but this can present obstacles for the patient and the doctor alike.  Going to the emergency room in cases such as these is the best alternative.  Even though I do not take emergency room call, the ER staff will call me in cases such as these, and they likely have plastic surgeons available in your area as well.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Complications after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I am sorry to hear about the complications you are experiencing;  your description is certainly quite concerning. Best to be seen in an emergency room of a major hospital as soon as possible;  plastic surgery consultants will be called in.

 Best wishes.

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Best bet is to go to the ER of a University Hospital that will have plastic surgery residents. Once in the system you should be referred to a surgeon who can help. Best wishes.

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