Please Help 9 Days After Otoplasty I'm Very Bruised and Swollen Will This Go on It's Own?

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Bruised and swollen after otoplasty

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It is not uncommon to have some bruising and/or swelling 9 days after otoplasty.  The amount of bruising and swelling can vary by individual and both issues should resolve with time.  At 9 days after your surgery, I would expect both the bruising and swelling to be improving though, so if you feel things are not getting better, you should contact your surgeon.  

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Swollen ears after Otoplasty

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Dear michelleanne,

Bruising and swelling after an otoplasty is not uncommon and will vary depending on the patient and the type of operation you had. As long as the bruising and swelling is not getting worse and you have discussed this with your surgeon, there is nothing to to worry about. It will get better on its own.

Andres Gantous, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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