Please May You Give Me an Honest Opinion of my Breast Enlargement? (photo)

Hi, i had a breast enlargement around 6 weeks ago. I have post operative seroma around my right implant. From the very beginning I made it clear I wasn't happy with the outcome of my surgery. I was a deflated 36b before and now measure at 36 c. I am 5"8, 12 stone in weight and I have really broad shoulders. I think they look ridiculous and I feel like I have wasted all my savings. My surgeon thinks they are fine. What would your honest opinion be? Thankyou very much.

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There is nothing technically wrong with the results of your breast augmentation so far.

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I don't see anything wrong technically with a breast augmentation. Without the benefit of the preoperative photographs I can say whether the specifics of your augmentation are best suited to your aesthetic desires. You need to discuss this very specifically with your plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation

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It would be nice to see your pre-op photos but also, it is too early in the healing process.  You need to give it a few more months. As for a seroma you need to discuss with your surgeon options for treatment.

Please May You Give Me an Honest Opinion of my Breast Enlargement?

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It is not easy, or fair, to comment on an outcome without looking at pre-op photos. I am quite certain that your breasts were widely separated and low set on your chest, and if so, those would not change with breast implants. That problem if present is well to be pointed out before surgery to properly manage expectations.

Please consider reposting this question with some before photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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I would recommend that you wait several months (3 to 6) before making a final decision on your breast, as your shape will change with time. If you are unhappy with the size or shape at that time, you can then consider revision.

Low breasts after a breast augmentation

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Really need to evaluate your pre-operative photograph to give you a good answer.  It appears that you started with some degree of breast sagging and your implants have a rock in a sock appearance.  It is possible that your overall look may be better with a vertical breast lift as well as an implant with a wider base diameter.  It is hard to tell without an examination.  

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