Can some one please give me an answer, on why, after 15 months I still have a Nike swoosh looking shape under each eye?

One dr. That saw me in person said that my muscles are working fine, had Botox under each eye top if cheek and crows feet. 10 units altogether. Is it fallen tissue, festoons, or just loose muscle? Help!

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Botox longevity

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I am not sure if I am understanding you correctly, but if you are indicating that you had 10 units of Botox 15 months ago, you can rest assured that the effects of the Botox are long gone.  Botox works for about 2-4 months.  Without photos or an exam, it is impossible to accurately diagnose your issue, but it could be possible that you might require surgery to address your concerns.  Often we develop skin and muscle laxity beneath the lower eyelid or excess fat pads that require a blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) to improved this area.  Please seek the opinion of a well qualified Plastic Surgeon.  Good luck!

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