Please Clarify the Shapes the Buttocks Can Be Molded/Shaped Into?

There re so many name that the buttocks can be molded in to like a "shelf", etc, although Im having a hard time know the differences. Please explain the various shapes of molding. Thanks

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The aim is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing shape.

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The shape that can be achieved is limited by what your underlying anatomy is, including the bone & muscle structures. Generally, a rounded appearance to the buttock with fullness is considered attractive. This can be accomplished by removing extra fat from above the buttocks and sometimes from below the buttocks, and by adding fat to the areas that are deficient, which are usually on the sides and at the upper part of the buttocks mainly.

The nice thing about fat grafting is that one can place the fat anywhere. So this technique is very flexible and with appropriate planning, the surgeon can add fat wherever it is needed.

The best thing is to see the surgeon in person and make sure that your ideas correspond with those of your surgeon.

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Buttock Shapes With Brazilian Butt Lift

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Generally, the surgeon will not try to mold the buttocks into a certain category; rather, they will try to shape them to the desires of the patient. Most patients desire a full round buttocks; using liposuction techniques, the surgeon removes fat from the sides, lower back, and upper thighs to give a beautiful hourglass silhouette. When you say “shelf” you are referring to the projection, or how far the buttocks stick out. The surgeon alters the projection through the strategic injection of fat to the superior parts of the buttocks.

In the end, the surgeon is not aiming for a cookie-cutter shape, but is trying to shape the buttocks to the patients’ wishes. To ensure a positive result, be sure that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon.

Jaime Perez, MD
Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist
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Jaime Perez, MD
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Buttock augmentation shape

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Dear Nellima,

   Buttock implants come in 2 shapes - round and oval or tear drop . The round implant is placed usually under the muscle in the upper butt area. It is small in order to avoid damage to the Sciatic nerve and consequently the improvement is small to moderate. The oval implant can be quite large and is placed under the fascia above the muscle . The improvement can be dramatic both in projection and lateral expansion and in tighteng of loose skin. Fat injection is also an option, however it is not very reliable since the fat can disappear almost completely. That problem does not occure with implants. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in that procedure.

                  Best of luck,

                                                Dr Widder

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Shaping the buttocks is possible, and determined by anatomy

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Hi there-

While modern techniques for buttock enhancement have dramatically changed the way we approach this area of the body, and as a result have led to the growing popularity of these procedures, it is not appropriate for you to think that we are now able to modify the shape and size of the buttocks with infinite variability and freedom...

In other words, the patient's body often determines the limits of what is possible to achieve.

In order to best understand the possibilities for your buttocks and your goals for appearance, your best bet is to visit a talented surgeon with a lot of experience in buttock enhancement for a consultation. After discussing your goals, they will examine you and be better able to help you understand what is, and what might not be, possible for you.

The vast majority of patients are very pleased with the outcomes from these procedures, and as long as you are a good candidate, your goals are reasonable, and your surgery is done by an experienced and talented surgeon, you have a great chance of achieving a great buttock contour too. Good luck!

Molding the shape of the buttock

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For the most part, the general shape of the buttock (e.g. square, round, oval) just like that of the breast is mostly determined by the starting anatomy of the patient.  By augmentating the buttock by way of either fat transfer or implants we can make it more full/projected in either  the top, mid, &/or bottom section(s) and can round out the outer sides some too giving more "hips" if you will.  Glad I could help...RAS   

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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