Could You Tell Me Please Where to Go and What to Do in my Situation? I'm in Russia.

In 2006 I injected a biopolymer gel in the area of nasolabial folds and lips.And in 2011the other beautician injected me Radiesse 0.8 to the corner of the mouth and cheeks, in 5 days after that began burning and redness, the face started to swell,in the nasolabial folds appeared red bands.and day by day was getting worse.There was a curing in the inaction site.Swelling gradually subsided,hardens softened and this lasted 1 month.But all this symptoms occurred again 6 times in18 months.

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Reactions to permanent fillers

One of the issues with permanent gel fillers and silicone is that the body can actually build up an allergy to them, and then they have to be removed surgically. The Radiesse is long out of your body, so it's the biopolymer gel that's the issue here. You will need to seek assistance from a surgical physician (facial plastic surgeon) and have it removed. It can take more than one procedure to do this, but in my opinion, it's the only option for improvement.

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Could You Tell Me Please Where to Go and What to Do in my Situation? I'm in Russia.

 Photos, of the area, would help in the evaluation but it would seem that removing the nasolabial fat with permenent filler would be a logical solution.  Hope this helps.

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Gel Injected and Recurring Reaction

   If the filler injected the first time was a permanent filler and there is an infection that subsides and returns, these filler elements have to be surgically removed.

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Long term Filler reaction

The problem is most likely related to the "biopolymer gel" that was injected and not the Radiesse, which usually lasts in the range of 12-18 months.  Actually, MANY different substances have been injected into different parts of the body and some can be associated with scar formation or other reactions that can be long-lasting.  It sounds like that's what may have happened in your case.  You should see a board-certified plastic surgeon and be assessed to see what can be done.  It may be possible to remove the affected areas surgically but that's something that would need to be discussed in person.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Problems with Biopolymer gel filler, Where to go for help in Russia?

I agree with Dr Rueckl, you can start by going back to the place that injected your filler or find a plastic Surgeon locally to be evaluated for the best treatment in your situation

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