Please Advise-Post Rhino Facial Bones Uneven?

Revision Rhino 3weeks ago-narrowed and cartilage on my tip removed.Under my left eye the facial bone is sore and is more pronounced both feel & sight. Is this normal the have such a difference? If my bone is mending will I be left with a lack of symmetry in my face?.I neti pot but that side of my nose is sending the water down my throat-not really coming out the other nostril. My surgeon's in another country, follow up 3 months should I go back sooner? Any advise please, I'm very concerned.Tnk U

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3 weeks Is Too Early To Tell Results

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At 3 weeks after your surgery, it is too early to tell the results.  There is swelling present that prevents accurate assessment of the final results.  That being said, if you are concerned, I would contact your surgeon.  

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