Will the tip be corrected through caudal septal septoplasty?

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Caudal septoplasty to correct the tip of the nose

I can tell you that the caudal septum is very important in positioning of the columella and the tip.  However, the tip cannot be reshaped per se.  Depending on your goals, the caudal septoplasty may be all you need or part of what you need.

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Septoplasty Goals

A septoplasty is a procedure which will help to correct deviation of the nasal septum.  The nasal septum is the wall that separates the left/right nasal cavities.  Septoplasty will help to straighten the septum to relieve nasal obstruction.  A caudal septoplasty can also help to realign a crooked columella/tip as well.  A septoplasty will have no effect on reshaping or refining the nasal tip.  If these are your goals, a cosmetic rhinoplasty is the procedure you will need.  I suggest following up with a surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and functional nasal surgery for an evaluation.  I have provided a link below.  Good Luck!

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