What is a Sliding Genioplasty and Can It Be Performed Immediately After a Chin Implant from 30 Years Ago is Removed?

also, i would like to know the average cost for a sliding genioplasty in sf bay area, including all fees. are there side effects to this procedure? i want the center and sides of my chin filled out more. would artfil or sculptura , fat transfer be good? other fillers do not last long. would it be best to have a new implant, sliding genioplasty or fillers for this problem.? i have had a full face lift, but it failed to address these problems.

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Sliding genioplasty vs implant exchange

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Sliding genioplasty involves cutting the chin bone to reposition it in either the vertical and/or horizontal dimension.  However, if you are looking to fill out the "center and sides" of your chin more, a new chin implant may be your best choice.  An implant can augment the chin in both regards but a genioplasty is less likely to provide added fullness to the sides of the chin.  Glad to help...RAS 

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