Can a New Chin Implant Be Placed in the Same Pocket a Previous Implant Moved, Became Infected and Pertruded out the Skin?

a previous im(above) was removed and a new one placed a year later, leaving the old scar tissue sitting atop or in the middle of the new im( that was shaped into a "u" and sewn down) no problems with movement etc. for 30yrs. Would like a new im that is fuller on the sides and has more frontal projection. How can this be done?

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Removal and Replacement of Chin Implant

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Your existing implant can be removed and another placed during the same procedure. This surgery may actually be easier than the original operation.

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Exchanging a chin implant

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Newer implants with various shapes have become in high demand in recent years. Implants with pre jowl extensions often give a very nice shape to the chin and improve the anterior jawline. It is a straight forward procedure to remove an existing implant and replace it with a new one.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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Chin Implant Exchange Is A Common Procedure

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Many times patients have had a chin implant in the past and seek to exchange it for either a larger or smaller chin implant.  In this situation, it is best to find out the material of the previous chin implant.  Some are easy to remove while others can be quite difficult.  If the original chin implant was silicone, they can be easily removed and a new one can be place in the old pocket.  The risk of infection and extrusion on a chin implant exchange on a healthy implant is low.  


I hope this helps.  

Change chin implant

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It is not clear to me if you have had a recent problem with extrusion or have been ok for 30 years and just want more augmentation. If the latter is the case, a simple exchange is done using the old incision under the chin. The deep scar tissue (capsule)  does not need to be removed.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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