I Had a Full Face,neck and Coronal Brow Lift 7 Months Ago. If I Lost 5-10 Lbs, Would This Weaken my Face Lift?

I am in my 60's and had the procedure above. I would like to know if i lost 10 lbs, would my face lift and muscles and skin weaken and start to sag, bag and wrinkle? I had a smac lift, coronal brow lift, upper and lower eye lift, mid face lift, and neck lift with liposuction.

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If I lose 10lbs will it affect my facelift

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Weight gain and loss can have definite affects on the face. As was previously stated, if you have a very low BMI and you lose an additional 10 pounds it may create a hollowness in the midface region. This can be addressed with fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm, or with fat transfer using your own fat. Typically, if your skin has good elasticity, 10lb weight loss should not result in dramatic changes in your facial appearance.

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Will weight loss after a facelift affect the result

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Minor weight loss such as less than 10-15 pounds is not likely to affect your result while more significant weight loss such as greater than 20-25 pounds can have an effect.  I would always suggest to a facelift candidate that the best results come when they are at a stable weight that they can maintain within a 10 pound range. It does not matter if you are over weight or under weight as long as you are stable in your weight and in reasonably good health.

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Weight loss after surgery

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Loss of 5-10 lbs. after surgery can have some effect on the fullness of the face, but not enough to warrant significant concern after your surgery.  Your health is of course the most important thing, and if you are overweight, a 10 lb. loss will do more good for you than any minimal change in your face will reflect.

Weight loss after facelift

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A 10 lb weight loss usually does not effect much volume in the face, and will not effect the integrity of the prior facelift

Effect of weight loss on facelift, necklift and coronal browlift.

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The structural integrity of the surgery should be OK.  Your face may look different from a soft tissue volume perspective.  Each patient is different, so 10 pounds on you may not look like 10 pounds on someone else.  This can be helped now with techniques that add volume to the face.  Best to talk with your surgeon and see what he/she thinks are options.

Weight Loss After Facelift

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At about 15 pounds you may start seeing changes depending on your weight.  I would first focus on the health aspect then facelift.  You can always consider ulthera to touch up the facelift results if you get some laxity.

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Multiple face procedures and weight loss

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If you lose 5-10 lbs you may notice a small amount of loss in your face.  Hard to predict.  Good luck.

!0 lbs of weight loss probably not significant enough to cause major change.

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Obviously 10 lbs of weight loss can be different from one patient to the next. Starting weight is important as 10 lbs is less significant in a heavier patient. Regardless, weight loss can cause a loss of volume in the face which is counter to the goals of face lifting and rejuvenation in general. 

For many patients a small weight loss will make little impact on facial contour but if you find you are losing volume and intend to remain at the current weight then volume enhancers (whether fat transfer or dermal fillers) can help.

This should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Effects of 10 lb loss after Facelift

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     A 10 lb weight loss in a 130 or 140 lb person would have little effect.  On a patient at a weight greater, this loss would have even less effect.

Weight loss effect on facelift result? Ask Dr Ellen

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Hello msmmi.

We tend to look at weight changes now in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index) and a prep goal is always to be at your ideal body weight.

However overall, shifts up and down of 5 -10 lbs should not dramatically impact on our new look.  Keep in mind though that a 10 lb weight loss in a very slim woman could tend toward a more gaunt appearance than desired.

Best is to plan ahead and get your weight regulated correctly first.

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen

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