Playing Sports After Fat Transfer Surgery?

Hi i had fat transfer on my lips 5 weeks ago. I think my upper lip is still swollen and my opinion about my over all look changes day to day.every day my lips look a little different i don't know if i like them or not.I want to start playing badminton once a week (again).Is this safe or should i wait.Also when is is safe to kiss without disturbing my lips...i will wait as long as i have to.

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Hi awseven,

Badminton? Don't they play ice hockey up there in Canada?

Discuss your questions and concerns with your treating physician. After five weeks you should be able to play badminton. Remember to keep your eye on the "birdie", but more importantly on the rackets to avoid being hit (who said that badminton is not a contact sport). You should be able to participate in all other sports as well.

As for kissing? That would depend on the degree of passion that you and your partner display. The "Hollywood...Hello Darling" air kiss is obviously okay, while having a partner vigorously suck and bite on your lip would be ill advised. Use common sense, choose a good kisser, and your "lips" should be "hot" for years to come.


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Fat Transfer and your lips

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Fat Transfer is taking live tissue and moving it to another area. The fat requires the ingrowth of blood vessels to make it survive. It should take less than 3 weeks for it to be totally established as a living tissue. At 5 weeks, play all you want!

Robert M. Freund, MD
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Playing sports after fat transfer to the lips

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Fat transfer is a very powerful and effective technique to recontour the body and face. If you had a fat transfer to the lips, there should be no problem playing sports at five weeks. Be sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon how they recommend treating the area where the fat was removed. In our practice, we always provide our patients with a post operative compressive garments to make sure that the area where the fat was taken out will heal smoothly and without issues. At five weeks our patients are still using this garment.

Return to activlity following fat grafting to the lips

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Generally speaking, 5 weeks is a reasonable time to return to unrestricted activities after fat grafting to the lips. This does not necessarily mean that you have achieved your final result, because it is not unusual for them to be firm or somewhat nodular for up to 6 months before truly softening. However, each surgeon varies in their post-operative regimen and recommendations so it would be best for you to contact them and ask these questions.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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