Playing Sports After Breast Surgery?

I have recently had tissue expansion done on my breasts. I am returning to have the expanders replaced with implants. I am a very sporting person and love gaelic football. Will I ever be able to play again. I don't think i would have gone through with it if I Knew it was between one or the other..

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Playing Sports Usually Not a problem following breast reconstruction

The good news is that after successful Breast Reconstruction with implants you should be able to return to your full and unrestricted activities in most cases. 

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Effect of sports on breast implants

Yes of course you will be able to play again.  Whether you had breast surgery for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons really does not play into whether you will be able to resume sports.  I have personally done both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery on very aggressive atheletes and body builders however the more aggressive you are with your arms and chest area during your exercise, the closer to 3 months after your last operation I make you wait.  All the best to you!

Stefan Mark Szczerba, MD
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