Can I Play Tackle Football After Silicone Implants?

I am 5'9 170 and have 425cc silicone implants. I got invited to play on a professional womens football team and was wondering if this is a good idea. Is it almost definate I will get a rupture or leak if I play? or should I be ok

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Contact sports after breast implants

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Good luck int he new venture!  Breast implant patients can play contact sports, but remember a big hit can cause problems in  many differnt ways including broken bones, etc..  Impants are pretty durable but not unbreakable.

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Contact Sports and Breast Implants: My Philosophy

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Most of my patients are very active. The silicone implants these days are cohesive and have high tensile strength. From my research this is particularly true of the new Sientra ones. I tell all of my patients that they have no restrictions. That being said, of course you can damage your implants, then again you can also break a rib or your nose. Although any injury with a contact sport is more likely than sitting on a couch, my recommendation is to "go for it"

Tackle Football After Silicone Implants

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Ensure that you have healed from the surgery before attempting to play contact sports. Contact sports such as tackle football will increase the likelihood of the rupture, but it is not definite that you will have a rupture or leak if you play. Consult with the implanting surgeon prior to joining the team, as he/she will know if there are any additional concerns that should factor into your decision.

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Tackle football after breast augmentation

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In general once you are fully healed from you breast augmentation surgery you can participate in any activity you would like.

When taking part in playing tackle football you are increasing your risk of getting physically injured and increasing the chance of rupturing the implant! It does not necessarily mean that if you get hit in the breast the implants will rupture but there is a higher likelihood.  That is a decision you have to make.


Beast of luck!!!

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