Had Platysma Muscle Removed Years Ago to Help Uneven Smile from Bells Palsy but was Unsuccessful, Can Anything be Done?

I have synkinesis from having Bells Palsy as a child...I was promised by my Dr. that the removal of my platysma muscle would in fact give my uneven smile more symmetry. The surgery was unsuccessful! The corner of the mouth is even more droopier than before and now I have an involuntary movement...whenever I open or close my eye the corner of the mouth lifts up as well. What can I do? What can be done? I think the cut muscle reconnected and it is causing this unwanted movement. please help.

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Bells palsy facial reanimation

Options for reconstruction of the paralyzed face may be surgical or non-surgical. Treatment depends on the nature and duration of the paralysis.

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Bells Palsey

You need a full evaluation by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in reconstruction of facial palsey.

There are few like Dr Julia terzis( not sure of the spelling)

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