Platinum Leaking from Breast Implants, Should I be Concerned About Toxicity?

Platinum leaking from implants into the breast's surrounding tissue and lumph nodes. Can anyone give me more information on platinum toxicity from breast implants?

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NO reason to be concerned about Breast Implant Platinum toxicity

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Based on the information available to date and the FDA's position on this subject I would NOT be concerned about the toxicity of Platinum associated with breast implant manufacturing. Platinum is used as a catalyst in  manufacturing the shell and gel components of silicone breast implants. Minute amounts of platinum remain in the product following manufacturing. Implant support groups and others have expressed concerns that platinum may cause adverse effects. This has not been verified by the FDA and the below is quoted from their site and I urge you to read their entire position on this subject through the below link I have provided.

"Some studies have shown that small quantities of platinum may bleed through an intact implant shell and be present in trace amounts (parts per billion) in surrounding tissue. However, these results need to be confirmed using a larger number of subjects. Other studies have serious scientific flaws that raise concerns about the validity of their results and conclusions. Even if the analytical results of large, well controlled studies were to show relatively high levels of platinum in biological samples, the toxicological significance would still need to be determined.

Based on the existing literature, FDA believes that the platinum contained in breast implants is in the zero oxidation state, which would pose the lowest risk, and thus that the small amounts of platinum that leak through the shell do not represent a significant risk to women with silicone breast implants. FDA will continue to review and analyze the literature on the issue of platinum in breast implants, as part of its ongoing assessment of the safety of these devices."

Leaking from breast implants

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i am sorry but i have never heard of this.  where did you get this information?  how was the platinum tested?

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