Do I Need Plastic Surgery?

There is an EXTREME pain at my nose bridge and I feel it would be much better if my nose bridge was lowered or something. I also have a tiny bump on my nose bridge, so.. Please only serious answers.

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You have to see plstic surgeon first

To determine what can be done in your case you need to be examined first by the board certified plastic surgeon. The most important question is what is causing the pain in the bridge of your nose? Did you have previous injuries to this site?  Do you have bony protrusion that gets frequently injured?

Without detailed expertise it is really hard to give you any sort of medical advice.

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Will a Rhinoplasty Address Nasal Pain?

Extreme nasal bridge pain is not a common indication for Rhinoplasty.  Whether or not the pain will improve with surgery depends largely on what is causing it.  If your pain is related to sinusitis, a septorhinoplasty may be of some benefit, but may not.  I recommend that you see an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon for your concerns.

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