Plastic Surgery to Remove Indented Scar?

I have a 2 inch scar below my chest as a result of surgery when I was an infant. It is indented about .5 cm. Would plastic surgery be able to take care of this indentation and the scar itself? What would the price range of this type of surgery be?

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Scar Removal

The price would be high, the risk would be high, the probability of a perfect chest….unlikely.  Unless there is an obvious deformity, pain, or other viable reason, chests are best left alone as they can scar very poorly.

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There are multiple approaches to old scars

Without a picture I cannot recommend the appropriate approach for your scar.  However, I would say that while surgery is an option, there are numerous options for scars including, but not limited to chemical treatment, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, pulsed dye laser.  

I would recommend seeing someone skilled in all of these methods so that you are given a fair suggestion.  

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon
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