Cosmetic Surgery Payments?

When is payment made for cosmetic surgery? Is it usually prior or post?

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Cosmetic Surgery Payments

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Typically, a "down-payment" can be made to reserve an operative day; this reserves you a operating room slot while you make arrangements for post-operative care. Subsequently, on the day of your preoperative examination, where paperwork is reviewed, questions are answered and sizing, measurements and pre-operative photos are taken, we ask that the remainder of your financial obligation is completed. Third party payment companies are available as well as an option to help with your payment, although I am not sure which companies provide this option in Nova Scotia.

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Payment in advance for aesthetic surgery

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I agree with Dr. Placik. Cosmetic surgery is paid for in advance, sometimes with 3rd party financing. Most of the time this fee covers the operation and all subsequent follow-up. Our prices are listed at the website if you want a general idea of what plastic surgeons charge for their service.

Payment for cosmetic surgery

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Traditionally cosmetic surgery preocedures are billed and paid in full prior to surgery. Occasionally financing arrangements can be made to provide payment over a longer period. These are typically performed through a third party.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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