Should I Get Plastic Surgery to Open my Labia Again?

My labia minora were removed without consent at birth of my second child. Later I developed what was eventually diagnosed as lychen sclerosis. This has been a lifetime problem as my vulva gradually closed up by the adherance of one side of skin to the other. My clitoris is now completely covered and my outer lips are sealing together to the point where I split open each time I have intercourse.This is excrutiating. Would plastic surgery permanently separate the two sides? Can anything be done?

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Lichen Sclerosis of the Vulva

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The key is to first get the lichen sclerosis under control, typically using high potency topical corticosteroid creams/ointments.  Once the disease process is under control it may be possible to use surgery to remove adherent scar tissue.  Best of luck...RAS

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