Could I Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like the Model Gemma Ward? (photo)

Could I get plastic surgery to look like the model Gemma Ward? What procedures could I do to look more like her. I'm not thinking about seriously getting plastic surgery to look like her, I'm just wondering what is humanly possible and what isn't. Thanks :) I'm thinking to look more like her I could get: -Change face shape -Brow lift -Nose smaller, and shape changed (rhinoplasty) -Craniofacial surgery to make eyes wider apart?

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Plastic surgery to look like someone else

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While in theory certain procedures could be performed to make someone look more like another person, the reality is that you are limited by your own anatomy. It is best to focus on the specific things that bother you to make those areas look better with your face rather than trying to create a new face per se.

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