Recommendations For Plastic Surgery for More Aesthetically Pleasing Proportions? (photo)

Which surgeries you would suggest to make my face more aligned with Marquardt's Golden Ratio mask? For years I have been considering surgery. (Currently, I am aware of jawline and chin reduction surgery for more of a V-shape. I have also been considering surgery to reduce the fleshiness and wideness of my nasal tip and nostrils, as well as to shorten the bottom of my nose. Additionally, I was wondering if there were any procedures to widen the space between the eyes and to shorten the philtrum)

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Asian rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery


  Thank you for including photographs with your questions.  It makes meaningful discussion a little more attainable.  You have several features with which you are concerned and in-depth discussion of all of them is beyond the scope of this forum.  A reasonable next step is to schedule a consultation with a regional Facial Plastic or Plastic Surgeon where all of you questions can be answered in detail.

  That being said, becoming educated about the desired procedure(s) will make it easier to engage the surgeon in important conversations about your treatment.  The following are quick suggestions which you may want to consider prior to any consultation.

1.  The width of your eye sockets and eye balls cannot be changed.  The perceived distance between your eyes can be altered with a procedure to create epicanthal folds of your upper eyelids.  This is simply a continuation of the “double eyelid” surgery common with many Asian patients.  You may want to research this procedure by viewing before and after photographs of double eyelid surgery with epicanthal fold creation.   
2.  The contours of your nasal tip and bridge can be improved with a rhinoplasty.  Your surgeon should be able to demonstrate predictable changes using computer enhancement software.

3.  The philtrum of your upper lip should not be shortened.  This would require a skin excising procedure which would leave scars. 

4.  The projection of your chin is in good position.  You may look for a reduction in the vertical length of your chin, but a big change may contribute to roundness within your cheeks and jaw.

Hope this helps.

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