What Plastic Surgery Can Fix the Lower Part of my Long Face? (photo)

I have a long face and I hate how disproportionate it looks because it seems to drag my whole face down. I recently had an underbite but it was fixed with braces but my jaw still looks bad

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Chin Shortening to Improve a Long Face

A long face may be due to a long chin, a long lower jaw, or a long upper jaw. When the chin is the problem, it can be shortened easily by shaving bone off of the bottom of the chin, or by a chin sliding ostectomy in which bone is removed from the middle of the chin and the bone at the bottom of the chin is lifted up to shorten the chin. With the sliding technique, a weak chin may be improved by sliding the bottom bone segment forward, and a chin asymmetry can be improved by leveling the chin or moving the middle to of the chin to the side to center it.

See an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is familiar with cosmetic chin surgery for an evaluation.

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