Is 25 Years Old Too Young to Have Eye Treatments?

Is 25 to 26 too young to have eye treatments? If so, what are the best treatments to go for?

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Eyelids in a 25-26 year old

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There are several options for people your age. Occasionally the skin pigmentation can be treated with peels or laser resurfacing. Prominent fatty deposits can be removed from behind the eyelid with a concealed incision

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Not too young for eyelid surgery

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Many people have puffy eyes congenitally and dislike that appearance. Eyelid is a simple way to fix the problem although those operations are much more often done in older patients where the aesthetic problems are a minifestation of aging. Go to the website below and check the results of eyelid surgery in younger patients. My pricelist is also on the site. Other plastic surgeons may charge more or less.

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