Is Eye Shape Widening Possible?

I have a bit small eyes. Is there any way to widen eye shape (not eyes), something like Joe Jonas eyes? I want to my eyes be at same size, but widen about 4 millimeter  to match my face.

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Eye shape widening is not for you.

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 You cannot with surgery achieve the same results you can do with a computer or pen. The possible complications and artificial results are not worth doing this on a normal person. If it sounds too  good to be true........

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Increasing width of eye shape

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There is no way to widen the eyelids 4 mm to match your face. It is physically impossible and would not allow you to close your eyelids.

Widening the eyes

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There are ways to make the eyes appear more open. However, there are limitations and 4 mm is alot to achieve without creating a distorted look or causing "scleral show" which is our term for seeing the whites of your eyes. This can give the impression of a startled look.

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