How Much Can Facial Plastic Surgery Achieve?

Hello. I have a long face which I feel is quite masculine with no cheeks. I have an okay nose and other features. If i was to go and see a plastic surgeon would they be willing to give me suggestions as to what will compliment my other features to give me a prettier face, or will they expect me to already know what I want when going to see them?

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It is always best for you to go in with concerns that you want to improve.  A surgeon can always find something they feel may be less attractive, but it is really up to the patient to tell the surgoen what bothers

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Bon Journo,

Too bad you didn't ask this question last month while we were in Roma, Chianti, and Firenze...I would have been happy to give you a quick consult over some pasta.  You live in a beautiful country.

A facial plastic surgeon should be able to analyze your face and give you ideas on how to achieve your facial cosmetic goals.  It is important to know what features bother you, and what you would like to improve.  Beware of the surgeon who wants to change everything about you including lessening the Euros in your pocketbook.

Good luck and be well.  Ciao.

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You do not need to know what will improve your face--that is the job of the good plastic surgeon. He should give you the pros and cons of various ways of making the face look better.

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