Do Plastic Surgeons Let Their Fellows Do Some of Your Surgery? (photo)

My breast looks like it has had two people work on it. One breast higher than the other. One areola round and one oval. One breast pointing where it should be and the other is pointing out to my left. My Dr just said it had to heal first. 2 years ago. I will have a laser lift done when I have it reconstructed. They are droopy again. I had my complete body redone. He had to do a revision on almost everything he did. I don't want just a trained DR , I want experienced !! Over 120,000.00

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Good afternoon!


Sorry to hear o your disappointment after a lot of time, money, and discomfort spent.

Most plastic surgeons do their own work, some use trained surgical  assistants to help close their incisions, and some are involved in training programs to help train young surgeons.  Each PS is different and if concerned you should ask your doctor exactly who is going to be doing your procedures.


I hope this helps

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