Plastic surgeon or oculoplastic for blepharoplasty revision?

I had an upper/lower bleph a year ago. Too much skin was left @the inner corners of my upper lids; they're wrinkled/crepey. I also have asymmetrical "lumps" where inner corner eye fat was sculpted unevenly. My Dr wont acknowledge these issues, yet agreed to "touch up" one eye, but not the lumps. (I didn't have the lumpiness before!) I am seeking oculoplastic surgeons for a revision; as I don't have confidence in the original doctor. Should I consider general plastic surgeons also? Thanks.

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The more specialized the complication, the more value it is to see an oculoplastic surgeon.

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I think based what the concerns you mentioned, any established eyelid surgeon should be able to help you with your concerns. Good people are where you find them. Whoever you go to, they should personally spend time speaking with you, examining you, and discussing their surgical plan. General plastic surgeons vary profoundly in their training experience and inclinations. Make sure the doctor you are see does a lot of eyelid surgery. Don't just take their word for it. If they tell you how great they are as an eyelid surgeon but there are only examples of tummy tucks on their website, you are probably in the wrong office. Look carefully at the eyelid surgery before and afters. This will the surgeon's best work. Don't expect your results to be any better than what you are seeing on their website. If you don't like what you are seeing, consult other surgeons.

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Blepharoplasty revision

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Your anxiety is well founded but your concerns are slightly misguided. Many revision surgeries, for a number of reasons, may present more difficult problems and the need for more highly specialized corrective measures. Scar tissue along with altered anatomy are just two concerns to mention. Your concern should be about how much experience a particular surgeon has had with revision surgery and whether he has had success dealing with these difficult and problematic cases. Occuloplastic, general plastic, and facial plastic surgeons all have the possible training to deal with your case. However not all do, depending on their own interests and practice type. Find someone who has great experience in revision blepharoplasty and has handled your specific problem before successfully.

Plastic Surgeon Or Occuloplastic Surgeon for Revision?

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I think that a Facial Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, or Occuloplastic Surgeon who performs a lot of eyelid surgery and in whom you have confidence is more important than the specialty brand. I recommend that you see several Surgeons in your decision making process.

Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic surgeon?

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I am a Facial Plastic Surgeon by training and therefore, my answer is probably biased toward to my specialty rather than to a general Plastic Surgeon or a Oculoplastic surgeon. A facial plastic surgeon is someone who has an Otolaryngology or a general plastic surgery board certification who chooses to undergo additional training and certification process to become board certified in "Facial Plastic Surgery" This information does not answer your specific question, I know. What I will tell you is that no matter what the doctor's back ground or training, it really depends on what he is most experienced in as well as interested in. In my case, having performed over 4000 eyelid procedures, I believe I am an expert in eyelid surgeries. Many of those eyelid surgeries were performed in Asians where I create the non-existing crease on the upper eyelid. This is a very precise procedure where there is no room for error. In a typical Caucasian upper eyelid surgery, there already is an existing crease therefore, the whole operation is much simpler.

I believe you should meet and interview a few surgeons until you find the one who is most comfortable to you. There is no one field that specialize in one area of face. Any specialist can become an expert in one surgery when there is enough interest and experience. Your job is find the one that you feel is the One!

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Oculoplastic surgeon specialize on the eyes

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There is always exceptions to the rule but in general, oculoplastics surgeons specialize in plastic surgery of the eyes and around the eyes. Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, deal with whole body. There are great surgeons in both fields, but I would choose to go to the more specialized surgeon.

An oculoplastic surgeon would be an excellent choice for this sort of repair.

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As on oculoplastic surgeon, we have specific training in surgery of the eyelids, and should be able to help you with this problem. You could also see a facial plastic or general plastic surgeon who do blepharoplasties routinely. There are some surgeons who do mostly body work, and that is not who you should see for a revision eyelid surgery.

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