Best to Have a Plastic Surgeon, General MD or a Dermatologist Perform Filler Injections?

All things being equal I am leaning toward going to the plastic surgeon to put in nasolabial filler injectons. The general MD at the Skin Clinic and the dermatologist are both trained and well regarded. Is there any suggestions? Thank you.

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Dermatologists have by far the most advanced training in injecting fillers.

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Dermatologists have by far the most advanced training in injecting fillers of any specialty but the others can do a good job too.

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Which type of MD for injectable fillers?

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Hi Tylie.  While board certification is one step to finding a physician (or RN, NP or PA injector) you are comfortable with, there are great injectors that are not board certified (cosmetic) physicians and vice versa.  

Above all, you should find someone experienced, well trained and preferably that you have a referral from a friend or family member for.

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Who should perform filler injections

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I think that you should sitck with the doctors that ahve aesthetic training which are the core four.  They are plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons.

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What Physicians are the best filler injectors.

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I have had the privilege to train doctors from around the world on the proper injection techniques. In my experience the core injector specialties, plastic, facial plastic, oculoplastic and dermatology generally catch on a little faster. However the artistry of placing the filler where needed is equally important. With the expanding uses of fillers not only being able to perform the procedure technically but with artistry is very important. The second variable cannot be taught easily, generally some have it and some don't.

 In interviewing possible injectors, I would ask to see their before and after pictures, inquire as to how many injections they do in a week. What complications have they seen. What is their policy if things do not turn out the way you expected?

Best filler doctors are...

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You should choose a doctor you have confidence in. The doctors Dr. Wallach has listed are all well trained. Avoid aspirin for a week before your procedure to minimize bruising. Cool ice packs before and after injection also help reduce bruising.

Daniel J. Ladd Jr., DO
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