Will my Plastic Surgeon Do a Free Revision for Me? They Never Acknowledged My Nose Was Crooked.

My eyelids are uneven and my nose is crooked. When I went to my post-op check up I mentioned it to my surgeon and she said that it was the swelling so I waited. I went in for another post-op and this time she said that my nose was crooked so the surgery was not the problem. She never said anything to me about my natural nose being crooked when I went in for the consultation or even after the surgery. This would have bee/n a major deciding factor on whether or not to get the surgery.

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Charge for revision

There is no standard for this and each surgeon has his/her own policies. I typically will not charge if after a year something has not healed in the manner i intended or expected it to and it bothers the patient. I will charge if the patient wants something different from what was intended (including persisitent pre existing asymmetry) or trauma. This policy is for my services only. In either situation the patient is charged for operating room and anesthesia fees. 

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