Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix my Umbilical Hernia and Abdomen Area? (Photos)

I had 2kids and I have an umbilical hernia and my stomach muscles are split.I weigh 103 lbs, 5'0 tall. I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me I am not a perfect candidate for tummy tuck " you don't have enough extra skin, I can not just fix your hernia you need to talk to a general surgeon." I went to a general surgeon and he told that he can just fix my hernia but not the muscle split. I want my tummy to look great on a bikini.But i do not want the scar of a tummy tuck.

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Tummy Tuck Candidate?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

You are an excellent candidate for the tummy tuck procedure. This will serve to remove the excess skin and adipose  tissue,  repair the diastasis  recti ( spread muscles) ,  repair the umbilical hernia and significantly improve the contour of the abdomen.

Of course, you will have to accept the presence of the tummy tuck scar.

I hope this helps.

Tummy tuck candidate? Yes!

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Actually you are a tummy tuck candidate BUT you need to accept a higher than usual scar to have one.  Your muscles would be tightened, the hernia fixed, and the extra skin removed.  I see many folks like you, carefully discuss the scar issue and show them many photos and they go ahead and are happy.  Otherwise there is nothing else you can really do except just get the umbi fixed which won't do much for your looks.

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