From a Plastic Surgeon Experience and Point of View, is It Worth It to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I want a Brazilian butt lift & I've seen before & after pics. Most taken within 6 weeks. I havent seen pics that are a 1yr or even 6 mths after. Im worried that the surgery isnt worth the money or the pain, cause the fat might not stay. I'm also afraid that the surgeon will not put enough fat, doesnt get the right type of fat that will stick or even too much & too much will make the skin stretch then sag once the fat is absorbed by the body making it worst. Is this surgery really worth it?

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Brazilian butt lift and results

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. In my experience the fat that remains after 3 to 4 weeks remains. I will only see the buttocks go down during those 1st few weeks after that the size remains. The fat injection is like a skin graft the fat will not live without blood supply. It takes about 4 to 5 days for the blood vessels to grow so the fat is very weak and subject to loss at that time. The patients who keep the good result of the patients who do not sit to not sleep on the buttocks for the 1st 10 days and longer. The other thing that controls take is how the fat was injected. If you inject the fat in one large lump you will not get to take. The fat needs to be injected in multiple small amounts in order to have a greater surface area and a greater take of the fact that injected.

For most of my patients I use all the fact it's available for the injection because most of the patients want change in the buttocks.

The skin after liposuction will contract the question is how much will a contract. That depends on the character of the skin and the presence of stretch marks. A thin skin which would stretch marks will not contract as well as a thick-skinned without stretch marks. But the skin contraction can be remarkable. Some patience than most people would think have to have tummy tuck do not the liposuction will work and get their skin the contract.


The Brazilian butt lift has become the most common procedure that I do because it makes the most dramatic change in the patient's appearance because the curve, the hourglass shape is critical to a good figure.

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