Can a plastic surgeon do a custom procedure for a client? (photo)

For instance, small tissue removal from the below the lower lip? Almost the way you would with a bullhorn lip lift, but below the lower lip and in a different patten.

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​Customizing Lip Lift

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Customizing Lip Lift

As we age there are many changes in facial anatomy. The lip typically gets thinner and it lengthens and descends, almost as curtain. Every patient needs somewhat different correction, therefore an experienced and talented surgeon will design a unique lip lift for every patient.

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Lower Lip Reshaping

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There are many variations to lip lifts, vermilion advancements and corner of the mouth lifts that can be customized to each patient's specific lip needs. Lower lip advancements or reductions can be designed in patterns that can help achieve a patient's goals. It is not clear, however, by the description in your question as to exactly what you want to achieve. It would be helpful to submit a drawing of the exact lower lip procedure you desire.

Custome Plastic Surgery

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That is the nice attraction about plastic surgery to a plastic surgeon, every patient surgery is surgery, designed on scientific basis but customized to patients needs. If your request is logical and does not cause unwanted problems then your surgery can be customized to your needs

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