Unusual for a Plastic Surgeon to Refuse to Provide Photos?

Is it unusual for a highly qualified plastic surgeon (all the right board accreditations, with between 10 - 15 years experience in plastic surgery, and has held senior positions at public hospitals in plastic and reconstructive surgery) to refuse to provide before and after photos? Even if he/she offers to put prospective patients in contact with past patients, it still seems to limit the opportunity for discussion with surgeon, so I shall have to take in a stack of photos myself from other websites to understand his approach better. Is this unusual?

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Refusal to show photos

It is unusual for a plastic surgeon not to show some before and after photos of various procedures. Did you ask your surgeon why he/she doesn't do this? Most plastic surgeons take a lot of before and after photos, and although written permission is necessary to show those photos to other patients it is unusual not to have some patients who are more than willing to allow use of their photos to assist others in making decisions. Refusing to provide photos is different than not having the photos to begin with. If your surgeon says he/she does not take before and after photos, then beware. If it is a matter of privacy or the surgeon believes they may make yo think that you will achieve the same results, the surgeon usually stresses the fact that these are just representative of the results that have been achieved and do not guarantee that is what your results would be. This is a simple disclaimer process.

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It is unusual not to provide photographicevidence of work

It is unusual not to photograph outcomes by a plastic surgeon. Some surgeons may no like the whole process and, although they have good outcomes, have lousy pictures or no pictures at all.

Without accurate photos, I'm not sure you, as a patient, can judge the work. Maybe you could visit with some actual patients (which is a great way to gather information about an operation).

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