Does a Plastic Surgeon Have the Right to Add Cartlige to my Nose

Had rhinoplasty over a year ago. Plan was to straighten bridge line, get rid of bump on tip of nose and make nose smaller. After op, surgeon said he had put cartlige over the bump at the tip of my nose to mask it. This was never mentioned before. I asked him why he decided to mask it as this wasnt what he said he would do. Is a surgeon allowed to do what he wants and not what was agreed? He said this was the only way to get the bump to go away. have I no say about my own nose?

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The key to any surgery discussion is to explain all the possibilities.  In fairness to the doctor, sometimes you are not sure until you go inside what exactly needs to be done to make it look right( good).  But, I always explain the potential for grafts, etc.. with my patients.

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