Can plastic surgeon tell at 4-6 weeks if you have capsular contracture. My ps said I had it at 4 weeks bakers grade 3? (photo)

My plastic surgeon told me at 4 weeks I had bakers grade 3 capsular contractor. Went back to him at 5 1/2 weeks to see about removal. I also think my right breast is bottoming out he said no. I also had a second opinion that plastic surgeon said he couldn't tell if I had capsular contraction and to wait. I'm 48 and scarred to wait to long. Because if they don't soften I want them out. I was an Acup after losing a lot of weight will they be any where the same as pre augmentaion.

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I would be surprised in you had a Baker 3 CC at 4 weeks but it is theoretically possible.  The photos show a possible double bubble.  You should discuss this with your PS.

Can plastic surgeon tell at 4-6 weeks if you have capsular contracture. My ps said I had it at 4 weeks bakers grade 3?

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From reviewing your series of pated photos my over internet opinion is a slight "double bubble" and a very good early result. No bottoming and impossible to diagnose a capsule over internet in your case...//

4 weeks is too early to be sure that you have a capsular contraction around breast implants.

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Thank you for your question. It seems to me that 4 weeks is far too early to have developed a Baker 3 capsular contraction.I suggest you wait 3 months before making any rash decision about removal.

Capsule contracture

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Dear Bravesgirl,

If your breasts have not increased in firmness you do not likely have a capsule contracture. Grade III capsule contracture also indicates that you should be having increasing pain. Almost anything is possible with the human body but it is unlikely that you have a grade III capsule contracture if the above is not the case.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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Implants can take time to drop

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The capsule after any breast augmentation is only formed at 3 weeks after breast augmentation biologically so I would think it may be a bit early to really know for sure if you have a capsular contraction at 4 weeks. I have found that some implants take longer "to drop" than others and this depends on each patient's tissues. I would recommend an aggressive implant displacement massaging program. Sometimes they can take 8-12 weeks to really "settle" after surgery.

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